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Have you ever seen a picture of yourself, either posted on social media or just after a selfie on a day out with your friends, and secretly desired that your smile just looked a little bit different? It’s one thing to outgrow our more embarrassing stages of life when we were just trying to fit in, even if that meant wearing the most ridiculous looking clothing and hairstyles. However, we can’t outgrow our adult teeth, especially ones that have become crooked, crowded, or misaligned. The unfortunate result is that many of us might be too ashamed to show our teeth on account of these flaws that occur by no fault of our own, but usually by genetics or circumstance.

Our team at The Dental Standrd is here to tell you that you should never compromise your confidence or appearance on account of your teeth. When you receive our clear braces in Chicago, you can get the stability of the braces you need to straighten and realign teeth, without suffering from all the brass and metal of traditional braces.

How Clear Braces Compare to Traditional Braces

Just like their metal counterparts, clear braces still have the same function of straightening and correctly spacing your teeth. However, the similarities stop here. Traditional braces are made from shiny, metallic materials like nickel, which stick out like a sore thumb. They often come with neon-colored bands that make them even more noticeable, which is exactly what you don’t want as an adult or adolescent.

On the other hand, clear braces consist of transparent, plastic aligners designed with our specialized 3D technologyYou won’t need to worry about not eating your favorite foods, as you can remove these aligners every time you eat. Best of all, you will be able to discreetly straighten your teeth in the most comfortable manner possible.


of using clear braces

When it comes to using clear braces rather than traditional metal ones, there is simply no contest. Clear braces have all the supportive strength and alignment functions as original braces, but look amazing at the same time. Their clear or natural hues exhibit your genuine smile, displaying your authentic friendliness rather than locking it up behind metal bars.

Some of the most crucial advantages of clear braces include:

Are Clear Braces Really for Me?

Regardless of whether your teeth have been crowded or rotated, crooked from birth or from injury, our compassionate dentist at The Dental Standard wants you to know that you have options. You do not have to suffer from an uneven bite when you can get wonderfully straight, beautiful, and healthy teeth by using clear braces in Chicago.

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