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Laser Dentistry?

Here at The Dental Standard, we are proud to provide a new innovative type of dental care for our patients known as Laser Dentistry.

Unlike most traditional dental procedures which use scalpels, Laser Dentistry uses lasers to treat a variety of hard and soft tissue conditions within the mouth.  Furthermore, it accomplishes this while reducing discomfort and recovery time for patients.

Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry

is used primarily on the teeth for reshaping procedures or in preparation for other procedures. This is accomplished because they can remove small amounts of tooth smoothly and effortlessly.

Hard tissue lasers are often used for:

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

is ideal for treating gum tissue because they can seal any exposed blood vessels simultaneously as they cut into the tissue. Therefore, bleeding is minimal and recovery is much shorter with Laser Dentistry than with traditional dentistry procedures. Moreover, Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry is also extremely helpful for cosmetic procedures because results are almost immediate.

Soft tissue lasers are often used for:

Other conditions Laser Dentistry can be used for include:

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What are the benefits of

laser dentistry?

Our dentists at The Dental Standard choose Laser Dentistry because of the superior results it
produces while allowing the procedures to go smoothly while reducing discomfort and recovery time for our patients.

Numerous other benefits include:

  • Less need for anesthesia

  • Less occurrence of infection

  • Less need for sutures

  • Less blood loss compared to traditional surgeries

Laser dentistry is also an excellent option for children or others who are anxious or afraid about having dental procedures.

What Can I Expect During a Laser Dentistry Procedure?

During a laser dentistry procedure, you won’t hear or experience any of the vibrations or discomfort from the lasers like you would from the drill used in traditional dentistry procedures. If anesthesia is used, it is typically less than what you may be used to and thus the recovery time is a lot quicker. While the dentist works on the tissue inside your mouth, your mouth is propped open so you don’t have to work on keeping it open for them.

What Can I Expect After a Laser Dentistry Procedure?

Recovery from a laser dentistry procedure is much smoother and quicker than with traditional dental procedures. Because laser dentistry is minimally invasive and can even close off blood vessels as the laser works, bleeding and discomfort is minimal if present at all. Sutures are rarely needed and after-care typically only requires some monitoring and keeping things clean. Our dentists will provide detailed instructions depending on what type of procedure was done.

Whether you’re having soft or hard tissue laser dentistry work, you can expect a smooth procedure with minimal discomfort and a speedy recovery time. Laser Dentistry is a new and innovative solution to many oral and dental issues, complex, simple and even cosmetic. If you would like to learn more about Laser Dentistry, ask any of our dentists here at The Dental Standard the next time you visit or schedule a consultation today!

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