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At one point in time, dental care was extremely limited. Dentists primarily yanked out sore teeth; they did not replace them! Eventually, even as dentistry evolved, most patients had to resort to tolerating obvious fake teeth made with highly noticeable metal, even when the missing or cracked tooth was at the front of their mouths. Obviously, this was not the optimum solution; perhaps that’s why so many old-fashioned pictures are full of people refusing to smile or show their teeth!

Thankfully, dentistry has come a long way since even our grandparents’ day. Now you can be proud of your smile after having your decayed, chipped, and broken teeth fixed by dental bondings in Chicago. When The Dental Standard takes care of your teeth, you can be sure that you will be getting the perfect solution for your smile. Dental bonding also happens to be one of the least expensive, quickest, and easiest methods around.

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The Bonding Process

One of the great benefits of teeth bonding is that it does not even involve any work with the dental laboratory. This means you can have your tooth bonded by visiting the dentist once and saving many precious hours of travel. In fact, the entire process usually only takes thirty minutes, or at maximum, an hour, so you will be out the door in no time.

When you arrive, the dentist will first make sure that your tooth is completely free of plaque through a thorough cleaning. At this point, a light gel will be placed on top to dilate the little pores on the surface of your tooth. Once the dentist rinses off the gel, he will add a liquid composite resin in the exact same shade of your tooth in a thin layer. When the pores are filled, this creates a powerful bond, which is hardened by a particular curing light. Layers can be added until you have the perfect thickness appropriate for the restoration, which is then shaped until it looks exactly like the intended form of your tooth. When your tooth looks fantastic and fits your bite the way it should, then you will get one last polish, leaving your teeth gleaming and bright.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

Once your teeth have been bonded, you still need to care for them as much as you would for your normal teeth. This will increase their longevity so you do not need to get them replaced as often.

Some key tips for caring for your teeth that have been bonded include:

Quality You Can Trust

Our dentist at The Dental Standard is highly experienced with bonding all types of teeth, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe, qualified hands. Moreover, these bondings are so strong that if you use proper care, you can be assured that your tooth can stay beautiful for up to 10 years at least.

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