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The term “veneer,” a thin and beautiful decorative covering, was a phrase coined by the art world for centuries. It is so fitting, therefore, that modern technology has advanced to the point that dental veneers are truly works of art. In dental practice, veneers are extremely thin shells used to cover the teeth by being gently bonded to their surface. Technically, veneers can be created out of several different varieties of materials, but porcelain happens to be the most popular not only on account of its wonderfully realistic look, but because it is also so durable and strong.

Unlike dental crownsporcelain veneers also do not require major removals of the surface of the original teeth. If you have one of these dental veneers in Chicago, you can expect to look in the mirror and smile when you see just how even, straight, and white they are.

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Just a few types of issues we cover include:


will help solve a range of problems

Some of our patients are worried that their teeth are in such poor condition that even veneers couldn’t fix them. We are here to tell you not to worry, since we cover a comprehensive range of problems.

Porcelain Veneers Procedure

The process of making the veneers takes about seven to ten days. When they are completed, you will return for a final visit, where the dentist will carefully fix the veneer to your teeth with a safe bonding material. This material will instantly harden and dry as it gets exposed to the light, so make a wide smile in the sunlight, and your teeth will soon be shining just as brightly!

In the process of fitting you with your perfect set of veneers, there are several steps which will take place:

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