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In the scenario that your tooth has become deeply damaged, either from unfortunate decay or an accidental trauma, it often needs to be capped by a special crown, or it will not be able to properly function. Normally, this crown fits neatly over your complete tooth, from top to bottom, even including your gums.

Because traditional crowns were so intricate to create, it could take days or even weeks to manufacture in the dental lab. One wonderful change that has occurred in the evolution of dental practice, however, is that you no longer have to sit for hours in the waiting office. Instead, you can simply get same-day crowns in Chicago, with immediate treatment from your reliable dentist at The Dental Standard.


same-day crowns

You may be surprised to discover that when it comes to crowding teeth, the beginning of the process starts exactly the same for both traditional crowns and same-day crowns. The first step is that the dentist must carefully prepare the tooth. This is accomplished by gently taking out any present decay, plaque, or tartar. Once the tooth has been expertly cleaned, it is carefully shaped with a dental drill to fit neatly right inside the crown.

At this moment, however, the procedures diverge. A traditional crown would require the dentist to make a mold out of putty. This impression would be sent off to a lab to make your crown, a process which could take several weeks. The same-day process is dramatically different, however, since your teeth are lightly dusted with a special powder that is reflective. The dentist uses a small but highly powerful scanning wand that allows him to get intricate, detailed images of all your teeth. Then, in a matter of a few minutes, your perfectly accurate 3D representation of your teeth will be molded from naturally colored ceramic. With the aid of such advanced software, the only thing that’s left to do is simply fit the crowns into your mouth.


of same-day crowns

There are many advantages of these types of crowns that it is hard to list them all, which is proven by the number of patients we have constantly asking for same-day crowns.

Just a few of the benefits of this beautiful option includes:

Enjoying the Convenience of Same-Day Crowns

Thanks to the amazing advances in dental technology, getting same-day crowns has never been easier or more convenient. Rather than waiting for weeks on end, 3D technology and digital tools allow us to make perfect teeth immediately. You can enjoy a full, genuine smile without having to wait for it. Amazingly, our same day crowns in Chicago feel and look just like the real thing. Here at The Dental Standard, we use only the best innovations for our patients.

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