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Gorgeous Modern Space

The Dental Standard is convenient to my office which is how I found it. I suggested my girlfriend go with me because neither of us had seen a dentist in a while. At our first visit, Dr.Vlad took us on a tour of the facility and showed us around. It's a gorgeous modern space very open and inviting. We sat and he got to know us and our dental history first. He takes his time and advises you on your dental health, you can tell he is passionate about his profession and providing his patients with great care.

In the exam room, they took x-rays and photos of your teeth, and Dr.Vlad goes over it with you in detail so that you know what going on. While you get the teeth cleaning you can watch television and they also have really cool massage chairs to take your mind off of the exam so it's more relaxing. I gained a lot of much-needed information and Dr.Vlad made a plan moving forward about my dental health. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Matt

Quality Work & Care

This office is AMAZING! Dr. Vlad and his team make you feel like family as soon as you walk in. The decor is timeless and I love that everything is brand new. This office has a lot of technology and it makes me feel great knowing Dr. Vlad does the best for his patients. The exam and cleaning were quick and informative. You can sense the passion this team has. Bottom line: If you’re looking for quality work and care, this has to be your spot!! Can’t wait for my 6-month cleaning!!

- Matt

Healthy Teeth & Forever Grateful

Wow, The Dental Standard is such an amazing experience. The place itself is beautiful and not to mention they were after to do same-day crowns for me. This saved me so much time. I now have healthy teeth and am forever grateful. Thank you team!

- Ricky

Amazing To Me

As someone who grew up in eastern Kentucky and had horrific dental experiences as a child, I have not been in a dentist's office in about nine years purely out of fear.

Dr. Vlad and his team prioritized my fears and focused on creating a relationship build in trust and learning first. While I still hold a deep fear, Dr. Vlad is showing me how a dental experience can be a positive one focused on my dental goals and dreams. I feel accepted and not judged based on my fears and am excited to have teeth that will make me healthy and want to show off.

The cleaning alone was a solid experience. He was extremely thorough and the difference in my mouth is still amazing to me.

- Josh

World-Class Training

If you're looking for a new dentist, your search has just ended. Not only is Vlad a great dentist with world-class training, but he is an extremely friendly and approachable person. Trust me, give him a call or go visit him in person. I can guarantee you won't regret it!

- Samir

Amazing & Detail-Oriented Dentist

Vlad is an amazing, detail-oriented dentist, with an approachable bedside manner. No question The Dental Standard matches his pursuit of excellence.

- Michael

Thoughtful & Attentive

I had a wonderful experience getting my teeth cleaned and examined by Dr. Vlad at The Dental Standard. He took time to get to know me and share his approach to caring for teeth and he went through and explained everything that he saw and even did an oral cancer check! Overall, I found Dr. Vlad to be thoughtful and attentive and I really appreciate his approach to prevention and dental health. Also the space is modern, clean, and welcoming. I highly recommend The Dental Standard!

- Adia

Genuinely Great Experience

Dr. Vlad was great! Very thorough exam and explained everything as he went. Very friendly, and a genuinely great experience for someone like me, who doesn't really like going to the dentist!

- Cole

Puts Patients Needs First

Such an amazing Doctor! Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Truly puts the needs of his patients first before anything else. If you’re in need a dentist, come here!

- Dana

Comfortable At All Times

I used to hate going to the dentist- I would have such bad anxiety before and during the appointment. I literally would cry during appointments due to traumatic experiences.

Ever since I met dr. Vlad, I was at ease. He let me come in before appointment day and discuss my goals. Then on appointment day, he made me feel at ease and made sure I was comfortable at all times. He is very patient-centered. Not to mention there are massage chairs and ceiling mounted tv with Netflix.

If you need a new dentist, need work done, this is where to go. Recommending to all my friends, family, and anyone who is scared of the dentist.

- Elizabeth

Professional, Truly Cares & Takes Pride In His Work

My bf and I got teeth cleanings at The Dental Standard. Dr. Vlad is THOROUGH! He sits down with you and you discuss your goals & intentions for your dental care. I have never had any kind of doctor do that! This really speaks to how much he cares about his patients and the respect he has in being a dental professional. My bf has had literal nightmare experiences with dentists but Dr. Vlad was really great working with him and making a plan for his future procedures which is a relief. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr.Vlad he is professional, truly cares and takes pride in his work! I’m so glad that we found his office!

- Michelle

Extremely Professional Yet Friendlys

Dr. Crutcher is extremely professional yet friendly. He will make sure you get the care you need and is extremely passionate about dentistry. The building is clean and the amenities are amazing. There is no where else I’d rather go to get my teeth worked on.

- Greg

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